Friday, March 13, 2009

Jon Stewart Becomes Our #1 Investigative Reporter

Jon Stewart blows up Jim Cramer and the Wall Street gang with serious reporting, and you wonder why traditional reporting hasn't similarly exposed the facts about stock manipulation.

This is big, and the link I posted will get you to The Daily Show's effort all week exposing financial 'expert' Jim Cramer, his network, CNBC, and Jon Stewart's morphing from comedian to real reporter and an aggrieved public citizen and hoodwinked investor.

It was a jaw-dropping half-hour of TV last night, and today it is on the front of the New York Times website today.

That's big.

An earlier post of mine will give you some bits from The Daily Show as it aimed its spotlight on CNBC this week.

The Daily Show is known to find video that undermines two-faced politicians; somehow the program got hold of video of Cramer admitting to stock manipulation - - and all this was aired on Stewart's show - - in an extended segment during which Cramer could not really defend himself - - on the same day Bernard Madoff pleaded guilty.

For Cramer, and CNBC, the timing couldn't have been worse, but for the viewer - - perfect.


Jim Bouman said...

Cramer was reduced to rubble. Stewart's most effective call to honesty was:
"You and I are both snake oil peddlers. Where we differ is that I say so up-front.

Anonymous said...

I loved the reporting this. Do you think Jon Stewart have Chris Dodd and Barney Frank on too?

Anonymous said...

John Stewart detroyed Jim cramer in what I thought was one of the best interviews of all time.