Sunday, May 13, 2007

What do Tommy Thompson and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Have In Common

Both come with the "cringe factor."

With Larry David, you just flip the channel when his cluelessness gets unwatchable.

With Tommy's 'campaign,' you just want to stop the guy, but you can't - - and the statements and explanations and excuses for wierd behavior get more unbearable.

The dust had barely settled over his insults to a Jewish audience about their faith-based money-making when Tommy told a nationally-televised debate audience that it was OK for employers to fire workers for being gay.

Among his latest excuses for that poor performance: he needed a potty break.

Doesn't he have a real friend out there - - even Larry David has his manager Jeff - - who can explain to Tommy that everyday he stays in the presidential race he's doing more damage to an already shrinking legacy, and credibility?

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