Monday, May 28, 2007

Tommy Thompson Addresses Crowd of Seven at New Hampshire Nursing Home

When a Presidential candidate draws a crowd of seven, but a reporter is there taking notes, there's only one question to ask about that campaign:

Is the problem the advance staff work, or is it the candidate?

Some in the crowd were New Hampshire elected officials.

Tommy's penchant for self-referencing and strange syntax comes through loud and clear, with the reporter winding up the story this way:

"That's why I'm running. I've got ideas,'' he [Thompson] told the group, adding, "I can win and be a darn good President. I'm loyal.''

That loyalty will pay off for the party, Thompson assured the group.

"A candidate has to build the party, and I'm still a legislator at heart,'' Thompson said as he prepared to leave. "If I win, I'll come back, and I will do everything to help build your party.''

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