Monday, May 21, 2007

Gene Mueller Is A Great Addition to WTMJ - - Wish They'd Dump Michael Savage

Confession: I listen to way too much AM radio. And it's not just for Brewers' baseball, news and traffic. Old habits are hard to break.

That said, I agree with Tim Cuprisin's analysis that moving Gene Mueller to WTMJ's morning show was a great move. Gene is a Milwaukee institution, a smart and funny guy, and while Ken Herrera did a good job, adding Mueller is a super.

Now if only the station would rid its air of the noxious "Savage Nation" show that runs from 11 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. (I'm something of a night owl, too).

Host Michael Savage is meaner and farther to the Right than Rush Limbaugh, often calling his targets "scum" and "vermin," seditious and worse. He wants the so-called "Sunni Triangle" in Iraq carpet-bombed.

America is falling apart because of feminism and gay culture, and second-language programs that help immigrants.

You get the picture.

My understanding is that the station gets the show for nothing and Savage's syndication makes ad revenue that keeps him and his station happy, but the show really stains the station.

I know, I know: AM radio is a heavily conservative medium these days, and I have a zillion choices, but it would be a real public service if WTMJ cut its ties to Savage.

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