Saturday, May 5, 2007

CNN Airs Rightwing Talker's 'Expose' Of Global Warming

Glenn Beck is one of the cookie-cutter issued junior Limbaughs, always with rightwing talking points at the ready.

The other day, Beck used his new slot on CNN (the cable network thinks gets cover from conservative criticism by giving rightists like Beck time and money) to host a supposed expose of Al Gore's Climate Change film.

This is the right's big ideological cause in 2007: debunk and yuk it up about Global Warming, attack Al Gore, kiss up to the oil companies, and so forth. Business for business as usual.

Details here about the show on a media watch site, and an opportunity to let CNN how how you feel about its airing this kind of biased programming.

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Unknown said...

I always thought Gore's truthiness was stronger than his truthfulness. Too often liberals become obsessed with the science which actually works against them most of the time.

Beck, I have to admit I agree rarely but there is something I like about him. Its kind of like Buckley. He's ideological but not partisan.

I believe in global warming not because some scientist tells me so but because capitalism isn't free. Denying global warming is like denying tobacco causes lung cancer. You may find scientists who say it doesn't but the truthiness of being able to breathe fresh air puts that to rest.