Saturday, May 5, 2007

Jerrel Jones Correctly Takes Mike McGee, Sr. Off The Air

Jerrel Jones, owner of WNOV-AM, correctly removed talk show host Mike McGee, Sr. from "Word Warriors," a morning program, after McGee, Sr. went on a disgusting rant about the death of the mother of WTMJ-AM radio talk show host Charlie Sykes.

It's Jones' station. McGee, Sr. hurt it with his remarks, and Jones responded quickly and smartly.

The replacement host is Ald. Mike McGee, Jr. Like some other AM talk show hosts, McGee, Jr. can be caustic - - which is certainly protected speech - - but he also has engaged in negative name-calling aimed needlessly and harmfully at homosexuals.

The airwaves are already too full of intolerance and degrading talk. Let's hope that Mike McGee, Jr. make use of his air time without making a sometimes nasty radio format even worse.

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