Sunday, May 13, 2007

Great Lakes Documents - - A Feb.-May 2007 Mini-Archive

Because I have recently posted documents or analyses of records relevant to the Great Lakes Compact debate, a number of people have asked if I have them all in a single archive.

Nope. But below you will find something along those lines - - a list - - so maybe that is of value. The links I am supplying come mostly from this blog, which began in February. And there is some overlap, as posts often reference earlier items.

Through April 14, 2007, this was an adequate summary with good links (NOTE: I see that the formatting below is less-than-perfect, so you'll have to copy each link. Sorry.):

The rest of the list:

(To find the Waukesha Water Utility's confidential communications to Gov. Doyle in 2006 seeking Lake Michigan diversion permission without the Great Lakes Governors' approvals:

Note: this item is often provided in the body of the links below.)

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