Thursday, May 17, 2007

McBride Tacky Radio Item Pulled From McBride Blog

I guess it's not OK after all to use the state's biggest radio station to mock the drive-by murder of Jasmine Owens - - clearly one of the most upsetting crimes in Milwaukee history.

Offensive audio that Jessica McBride created and aired on her AM 620 radio talk show program, and to which she linked on her blog, has been pulled.

I wrote about this on my own blog yesterday. All the relevant information is there.

And the audio link with the item built around it was pulled off her blog without explanation, so, as they say, or "whallah" - - it's as if it never happened.

Call that zero disclosure journalism.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I tried to listen to it and it was gone. I can't believe that UWM continues to employ her.

James Rowen said...

Gone, but not forgotten, eh?

Template said...

Demand an apology.

Email addresses here.