Friday, May 25, 2007

Bush Administration Hates Progressive Germans

Let's see now. Rumsfeld & Co. bashed old Europe when Germany and France refused to go along with our attack on Iraq.

I guess those guys preferred the old Europe, where countries would go to war with each other for decades, sending smoke spewing into the skies.

Yeah, that's the Europe we liked, the one that with two World Wars continent wide between 1918 and 1945.

Now we don't like the new Germany, either. It's too interested in clean air and efforts to stem global warming, The New York Times tells us.

Again, give us that quaint old Europe, and the older-model Germany, too.

Some of this might get fixed if the Dems win The White House in 2008, maybe, but by then, a lot of damage will have been done that extends far beyond European and American borders.

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Sloanasaurus said...

Wait.. go back and read some of your history of Germany. They have been the statist anti-capitalist society since the 19th century. The First World War was a battle between the 19th century German way of doing things - statist, and the 19th century English way - liberal. The Nazis only carried on the German statist tradition.

Now you are trying to tell us that German leadership in collectivist solutions to "global warming" is the new Germany? You have to be kidding me. It's Germany redux!