Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Steep Gas Tax, Separate Stupid State Law Keep Wisconsin Gas Prices Even Higher

Wisconsin's 'minimum markup law" that requires gas stations to artificially raise gas prices makes our state's highly-taxed gasoline even more costly at the pump.

Originally adopted to help independent gas stations compete against national chains, the law is getting some national, incredulous publicity.

The story in the Wausau paper is out on the AP wire.


xoff said...

Jim Doyle has opposed this law since he was Dane County DA 30 years ago. He should take the lead in repealing it.

The oil companies always moan this will hurt ma and pa operations, but that is a bogus argument.

All minimum markup does is increase the station's per gallon profit every time there's a price increase.

James Rowen said...

It's another income transfer from everyday Wisconsites to industry - - in this case, big oil.

Anonymous said...

Wisconsin is the stupidest state i have ever been. I am moving out as soon as possible. Taxes are more and mandatory fee is required in each and everything i buy. I hate this state.