Wednesday, May 30, 2007

UN Mid-East Tribunal A Good Sign

The United Nations is an easy target for right-wingers and assorted political know-nothings, but the UN is on the right track trying to bring justice to Lebanon in the wake of the 2005 assassination of Tariq al-Hariri, the popular ex-premier.

Establishing its first criminal tribunal in the Middle East, a UN Court will investigate the bombing that killed al-Hariri and 22 others, and has jurisdiction over an additional 14 criminal cases.

The UN investigated the 2005 bombing, and established the tribunal because Syria is suspected of orchestrating the anti-al-Hariri violence which had international repercussions.

This is not the first such special court that the UN has created, but in a region wracked by lawlessness, its presence makes a strong statement in favor of the rule of law.

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