Saturday, May 12, 2007

Honda Bringing Hydrogen-Powered Car To Market In '08

Honda will sell a hydrogen-powered car in the US in 2008, which means the Japanese automakers that beat the American carmakers in the marketing of gas/electric hybrid vehicles are about to do it to GM, Ford and Chrysler, again.

And to their shareholders and workers, too.

Honda is once again underscoring the distortions in US research and development spending.

We're still number one in high-tech fighter aircraft and battlefield weaponry.

We pour fresh billions into Star Wars air defense systems, nuclear subs and automated ship-based missile systems.

But building technologically superior cars - - that customers want - - and which look like a better value everyday as gas closes in on or exceeds $4-per-gallon, and an SUV/sport truck fill-up will routinely hit $100?

Those needs are being met by Toyota and Honda, and it has been that way for decades, as the Corolla, Civic, Camry and Accord have become the US consumers' cars of choice.


Dan said...

Of course we can't spend money on research aimed at weening ourselves off of foreign oil. For our "elected officials", that would be like biting the hand that feeds them. Besides, those elected officials are WAY too busy devising ways of giving amnesty to illegal immigrants so that they can lower the wages of America's working-class, spreading democracy around the world, trying hard to prevent the other political party from getting credit for anything, and invetigating each other endlessly. With all that hard work, who has time to attend to trivial things like making healthcare and college affordable for working-class people, enforcing existing immigration laws, and developing alternative energy sources?

James Rowen said...

Your fixation with illegal imigrants neeeds fixin'.