Monday, May 21, 2007

Mark Belling Helps Waukesha Parents Control Their Hip-Hop Kids

Mark Belling's current column in The Freeman, a Waukesha daily, raised warnings about Summerfest's booking Ludacris, a popular African-American hip-hop artist.

Belling, the conservative, afternoon drive-time radio talk show host on 1130 WISN-AM, says Ludacris' lyrics are too violent for an entertainment venue in the region.

"Thanks, Summerfest. This is what we really need right now," Belling writes. "Advice to the rest of us: July 1 might not be the night you want to be hanging around the lakefront."

Belling probably knows that most of the consumers of this music are white kids, making up as much as 85% of the market.

That's the figure quoted in a recent piece in The Chicago Tribune.

Good for Belling to alert his suburban readers.

Parents out that way might want to follow through and take away their kids' Ludacris CD's.

Also seize any Ludacris concert tickets they can find in their kids' rooms so the boys and girls from Waukesha won't get to the concert, get all amped on the lyrics, and tear up the lakefront.


Kenneth Mobile said...


I believe its AM 1130.

James Rowen said...

How did I do that? I know that! They'll boot me off 1290's Backstory for that flub. Thanks, KRM.

Anonymous said...

"Luda" has done a USO tour, visits wounded vets, and has a charitable foundation that has raised at least $500,000 for youth organizations across the USA.
Maybe he has some rough lyrics, but on the hardness scale of rappers he ranks somewhere above LL Cool J (innocous) and below Snoop (once a "thug" now a mainstream product pitchman.