Friday, May 18, 2007

Here Is The Text Of McBride's Child-Murder Blog Item

The audio hasn't resurfaced yet, since 620 WTMJ-AM removed it, but it will probably reappear soon.

The Journal Sentinel's Tim Cuprisin takes McBride to task in his Friday column, here.

The audio McBride posted from her radio show set up a fake interview with Eugene Kane, who did not appear to be McBride's punching bag - - so she asked him a few 'tough' questions, including questions about Jasmine Owens' killing - - and all Kane's answers were chicken squawking sound effects.

As she says, this regular feature will be "tons of fun."

After which McBride and her producer chuckled on over how clever the whole thing was.

Here is the Text:

TUESDAY, May 15, 2007, 11:32 p.m.

Listen here.

This is part of a new segment I launched tonight called LEFT SIDE OF THE MOON.

I am a bit sick of hearing conservatives only invite prominent conservative guests on their programs - the usual suspects. How fun it would be, I thought, to debate a prominent liberal every now and then. The number one reason for the segment is to ask liberals the questions the media don't/won't ask them and to see if they can defend their positions under challenge.

Left Side of the Moon is a segment I created with my producer, Robert. It will run only on Tuesdays and Fridays. Not every Tuesday and Friday. I will alert you, through this blog, in advance, to the days it will run.

My first invitee was Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Eugene Kane.

This is not NPR. It is not going to be a "conversation." We are not going to play guitar and hold hands and roast marshmallows in the studio. It's a debate. I believe that, most of the time, the conservative viewpoint is stronger than the liberal one logically and ethically. Can the liberal viewpoint withstand the challenge?

On the days when my liberal guest refuses to come on, I may just open the phone lines to any old liberal for a half hour or so. I find them vastly entertaining a lot of the time.

Update! Someone said Kane is on vacation. Just for the record, I know that! I invited him on the radio program without a specific date. I was willing to work around his schedule, and he flat-out refused to ever come on. It's a standing invitation. I think it would be tons of fun. But anyway, you can listen to our interview above!!!!