Friday, July 30, 2021

WI DNR wants another 130 wolves killed this fall

On top of more than 200 wolves killed in a legislatively-ordered, state-sanctioned and dog-assisted hunt in February - a number which does not include poaching - the WI DNR is seeking permission from its oversight Natural Resources Board to run a fall hunt in which another 130 wolves statewide can be killed, documents show.

Let's talk about these so-called wolf 'harvest' quotas, science, data, proposed strengthened wildlife policies and practices, and some other things:

* The quotas in all four previous Wisconsin-sanctioned hunts - including those in 2012-2014 - were broken. See this link for quota histories and related material.

*  The DNR's recommendation for a fresh 130-wolf kill this fall has been made despite its own acknowledgment that there are gaps in its wolf population estimates - - yet the Natural Resources Board is likely to either rubber-stamp the agency's recommendation, or substitute a higher humber to satisfy the special 'sporting' interests which Wisconsin's official wolf 'management' policies routinely favor. 

* The bill establishing Wisconsin's wolf hunts was enthusiastically-signed into law by former GOP Governor Scott Walker. He even cut the inexpensive license fee in half

Speaking at the Wisconsin NRA convention in Wausau on Friday, Gov. Scott Walker announced his intention to reduce the price of the wolf hunting license to $50.

Because why should the Legislature get all the headlines?

* Fred Prehn, a Walker appointee to the Natural Resources Board, has refused to step down as member and chair even though his term has expired. An appointee of Democratic Governor Tony Evers is waiting to take Prehn's place.

Walker was defeated in November, 2018, but the GOP-led Legislature has refused to hold confirmation hearings for some Evers' nominees.

Several organizations have asked Attorney General Josh Kaul to remove Prehn.

In my opinion, the longer Prehn remains Natural Resources Board chair, the longer the Board's credibility will slide and taint the DNR's performance.

* A final thought. Contrast Prehn's arrogance - 'this is my choice' - and official Wisconsin's growing national reputation as the place where wolves go to die -

A wolf hunt blew past its kill quota in February. Another hunt is coming this fall.

- with a collaborative, big-picture wildlife stewardship guide just released which views wolves as key contributors to a healthy forest, state and planet.

The resources shared here are a compilation of practices and policies for wolf conservation and stewardship in the United States, based on best science, democratic processes and inclusivity, and ethics. These products are the result of an intensive collaborative effort by multiple organizations, and a comprehensive vetting process with input and critiques from a broad array of scientists, ethicists, retired and current agency professionals, Tribal biologists and representatives, and academic experts.  

This Advocate Wolf Planning Guide identifies the fundamental elements of a state wolf plan and walks through the planning process so advocates have the information needed to ensure the conservation and full recovery of wolves throughout the contiguous United States.
Those kinds of methods, standards and goals are needed more than ever to create fair snd enlightened wildlife policy-making and to help systematically confront the accelerating climate emergency, but will fall on deaf ears at Wisconsin's Natural Resources Board as long as Prehn - a backer of substantial wolf kill quotas - extends Walkerite influence and its environmentally-hostile attitudes over the wide range of DNR programs, public health obligations and policies.



Anonymous said...

I know the point of the post is directed at the wolf hunt, but there is a much bigger issue that needs to be dealt with. The dirtbags who will not hold a hearing for the new appointees are anti American. Who do these POS's think they are? They want to talk about cancelled votes, the state GOP is the king of cancelling votes. If they do not drag Prehn out of his position, it taints everything that happens. Why are so many Republicans against our country???

James Rowen said...

I agree. I wrote often about the ir refusal to give Acting DHS Sec. Palm a hearing. Likewise the Ag-sec. designee whom they fired. Cole was held up for a long time out pure spite. Republicans are now all about wielding and holding power, regardless of the consequences. If Trump had made himself permanent dictator, they'd have lined up with him.

James Rowen said...

*their refusal.

Laina said...

DNR has permanently partnered up with the dregs of humanity, brutal, conscienceless wolf killers and ignored the pleas from the majority of decent Wisconsin citizens who oppose the mindless slaughter of our wildlife.

Laina said...

DNR has permanently partnered up with the dregs of humanity, brutal, conscienceless wolf killers and ignored the pleas from the majority of decent Wisconsin citizens who oppose the mindless slaughter of our wildlife.

Yo said...

Lac du Flambeau Tribal Chairman asks DNR to halt wolf hunting.......

Anonymous said...

You can thank Scott Wanker for bringing a Texas wildlife-murderer-for-money "advisor" to the state when Snottie was gubner.

"Them animals are here for us to murder." "They kill my farm animal$. They kill my dog$."

Wait until the rich start needing human season on us all.