Sunday, July 4, 2021

Projecting, pampered WI GOP pol: Young Americans are the ingrates

This Wisconsin man who is bereft of humility and gratitude -  

GOP Assembly Speaker, career politician and judgmental hypocrite Robin Vos

- and who leads a party with no empathy or shame, also: 

* And accepted COVID19-assistance payments for his private businesses,

* And has approved legislation which benefits his private businesses.

* And who made taxpayers pay for the use of a state airplane so he could attend a partisan function in Ohio,

* And increased the level of meal and other expense reimbursements he and other Assembly members may accept without having to provide receipts,

* And helped obtain a court order that overturned Gov. Evers' COVID19 public health orders - an action which would have cost the state $70 million-per-month in Federal food assistance had Evers and Federal officials not stepped in,

* And who is eligible for taxpayer-subsidized health care benefits while blocking lower-income Wisconsinites from receiving federally-provided health care that would also save Wisconsin more than a billion dollars in expenses...

* Also had the gall to Tweet this sweeping smear on Sunday:


Mitch said...

Does he have a lawn that young people have to stay off?

Katrina said...

I wondered about the lawn thing too. I wonder what prompted his flurry of "young people just don't give a damn." tweets. Maybe his stepchildren hate him.

James Rowen said...

I read it as just another snotty, judgmental Vos bid to stir up already resentful base GOP voters.

MadCityVoter said...

Maybe Speaker Vos figures the WI GOP has lost The Youngs already anyway -- not because they don't care but because they care too much about stuff the WI GOPs clearly hate: education, racial justice, the environment and climate change. Might as well let Wisconsin's future workforce know it's not welcome here so the predator capitalists can move in the machines and low wage jobs for desperate, easily exploitable workers. And while you're at it why not reassure the most spoiled, self-involved generation ever that *they* are not the lazy selfish ones? Just as long as they keep on rallying for their Fake News idol and turn out to vote for the GOP.

(Full disclosure: I was born at the peak of the Baby Boom but since everyone saw the drop-off coming no one was building new schools for us; instead we got severely overcrowded classes and converted broom closets. It makes for a very different perspective.)