Monday, July 26, 2021

Idle 'WisConnned' Valley hits 4th anniversary

I'll pair up my four-year running Foxconn archive with this headline and story from four years ago today:

Trump announces $10 billion Foxconn plant in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin factory, scheduled to be open by 2020, would be massive. The campus dubbed "Wisconn Valley," would cover nearly 1.6 square miles and be three times the size of the Pentagon. Foxconn's plant will produce liquid-crystal display panels, or LCDs, that are used in televisions and computer screens. 

- while you let the impact of Wisconsin's Republican Party-endorsed bulldozing - 


- and private property expropriation further update you about what's happening - other than promised employment and production - in WisConned Valley

Village Board Unanimously Votes to Blight Local Business for Foxconn 

“With no discussion or public comment, the Mount Pleasant Village Board rams through action to blight the property of a local business in Foxconn Area One, after barricading entrance and charging owners with trespassing.”

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