Friday, July 23, 2021

Tiffany gripes about Biden spending bill irrelevancies, then adds his own

Wisconsin GOP northwoods US House member Tom Tiffany - 

Image of Tom Tiffany

has in the same (and latest emailed issue) of his weekly, taxpayer-paid 'Tiffany Telegram' news[sic]letter a) complained extensively that other legislators - presumably Democrats - were adding irrelevancies to Pres. Biden's already-complex spending bill - and then without a shred of irony in a newsletter section labeled "Speaking of spending bills…" also b) brag about the non-spending and extraneous tangent he wants added to the legislation. 

"Even so, this week I proposed a few amendments. The first would prohibit the Biden administration from “re-listing” the gray wolf as a threatened or endangered species – and protect the right of Wisconsinites to make their own wildlife management decisions."

Two things to help you work through this Tiffany thicket:

1. Wisconsinites familiar with Tiffany's record, newsletter and 'thinking' will not be surprised by his inconsistency or bigger picture behavior.

2. Right now, the gray wolf is newly 'threatened or endangered' reckless Wisconsin wildlife management which has ignored science in favor of the ideologically-based special-interests which Tiffany's ‘legislating’ is designed to serve.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the fool Tiffany should come out with a statement on the corruption of Prehn not stepping down and the Wis legislature not approving the new NR Board appointees. Of all the dirt bag corruption in Wis, this is just one more. These anti American idiots think as long as something fits their party's agenda, they do not have to follow th erules of our democracy. Prehn is following in the footsteps of Willet, another unscrupulous person. I think he should not only be kicked off the NRB, I think he should have charges filed against him. Trump isn't the only one who thinks he is above the laws of our democracy. The antiwolf crowd is also too stupid to understand how a pendulum operates.

Ausdauerdogs said...

No surprise to see Toxic Tom's double standard. It's a way of life for him. He has been anti-DNR, anti environment his whole "career", if you can call it that.

Interestingly, his grandfather (I believe) donated what later became the Tiffany Bottoms State Natural Area. The apple sure fell far from the tree with Toxic Tom.

Anonymous said...

Tiffany wasn't griping about DNR management of the Willow Flowage in Oneida County where he and his wife took advantage of their efforts while operating Wisconsin River Cruises from 1991 to 2007. After that, the diesel powered dinner cruise boat was moved to be docked on the WI River out of Rhinelander. Where folks attempting to kayak or canoe, watch birds or otherwise peacefully enjoy that cleaned up stretch of river (thank you, again, DNR...) contended with "Captain Tom" loudly declaring "The bar is open!!!" and making bad jokes over the Wilderness Queen PA system until he sold it in 2012.

Took a shot at trying to verify the genealogy link to Tiffany Bottoms State Natural Area and failed. But did find a cool 6 min. video about amateur train enthusiasts providing limited access to birders. Ya learn something new every day!

MadCityVoter said...

So how does having a Kansas-based hunters' rights group do your dirty work for you "protect the right of Wisconsinites to make their own wildlife management decisions"? It seems to me it does the exact opposite. Kansas needs to butt out of our wildlife-management affairs.

Golden Eagles said...

Didn’t know that. The apple not only fell from that tree but it rotted before it hit the ground.

Golden Eagles said...