Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Here's a jolt: MORE public money to Foxconn?

Another subsidy for Foxconn? - and for an electric vehicle startup in the face of established multi-billion dollar corporate veterans like Ford, GM and Tesla, as I'd mentioned some months ago.

This is no joke, as Bruce Murphy recounts

Foxconn Wants a New Subsidy? 

Deal to build electric cars for Fisker may depend on yet another taxpayer giveaway.


Once there was cabbage on prime ag land there (my 2019 photo). Long before before promised flat-screen TVs...and giant coffee makers...and emergency room ventilators. And now electric vehicles in markets dominated by GM, Ford, and Tesla? But also without enough computer chips to go around? Bring back the vegetables.
I guess I have to update my Foxconn archive.

May I remind you 
what happened the last time Wisconsin and WEDC subsidized a transportation-vehicle startup promising whiz-bang products jobs, lots of jobs and a municipality's salvation in a rough-and-tumble field dominated by long-standing businesses?

Little Hope Remains For Wisconsin Officials Looking To Recover Funds From Failed Aircraft Deal

Bankruptcy Proceedings Ongoing For Company That Said It Would Create Hundreds Of Jobs In Superior. As predicted.    




Anonymous said...

Wisconsin electric producers (ATC, Alliant, MEC, MGE, Dairyland, and so on) must have put the word out--> "Come to Wisconsin, this state governmnet hasn't met a corporate grift they don't like and will simply shovel their patsies...er taxpayers money over to you....and bring a friend..."

Laurette McGovern said...

Fool us once--shame on you

Fool us twice--shame on us!

So the answer should be "NO!" Though I am not too sanguine that that will be the answer

Anonymous said...

So is the WMC still pushing this debacle? My guess is yes. So which is it:"We can't get workers because nobody wants to work" or "We need to create more jobs"???? These two messages only go together if the goal is to push wages down. Also, how did giveaways to a foreign company through taxpayers' money become a solid foundation in conservative politics? My guess is when the GOP grifters found they personally could gain financially. Ex. Scooter. So it is ok for the government to give away millions upon millions to a foreign company to employ workers (even though that isn't happening), while the foreign company makes a huge profit? On the other hand, if the government hires teachers to educate our countries children, that's communism? We are a nation of morons!
What if we had chosen to build the world's best cancer research center with those funds? That would have been a true economic engine and something we could have been proud of.

Laurette McGovern said...

To both Anons: very well put, and much better said than I could.

To be blunt--this state is being taken! We have bought a pig in a poke, and apparently we will try it again