Thursday, July 15, 2021

WI & the Foxconn deal noted in regional writer's report

I pass along a piece by Great Lakes regional reporter Gary Wilson that is broad in reach - 

Investing in the Lakes: New bill could redirect tech money to neglected Great Lakes cities

- but which should make Wisconsin readers flinch: 

Securing a commitment from a tech company to locate in a municipality or state is not a panacea. One need only look at Wisconsin’s 2017 deal with tech manufacturer Foxconn.

Foxconn said it would build a $10 billion factory that would create up to a combined 22,000 direct and indirect jobs over time. In exchange, the company would receive $3 billion in tax credits.

Wisconsin even used the Great Lakes Compact to divert Lake Michigan water so Foxconn would have sufficient supply to support manufacturing processes.

That diversion is controversial, since its primary purpose was to support a business venture, which environmental advocates say violates the Compact...

Advocates also expressed concern that the questionable diversion for Foxconn would set a precedent...that could facilitate future diversion requests.

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