Friday, July 16, 2021

Tom Tiffany emails an especially fear-mongering 'Telegram'

Tom Tiffany's anachronistically titled news letter "The Tiffany Telegram" ("Pony Express Delivery" apparently already copyrighted) landed in my emailbox today with an especially fearful thud.

Samples produced by Team Tiffany -

Image of Tom Tiffany

at taxpayer expense and will show up reprinted as op-eds by northern Wisconsin outlets included:

* ....thanks to President Biden’s failed policy of “catch-and-release,” the lion’s share of illegal aliens are fanning out across the country, with few, if any, bothering to check in with immigration officials as they are directed to. Once they are cut loose, we have no idea where they go, and few tools to track them down....
* Government tracking your text messages? You read that right. This week, Biden administration officials suggested that they will push phone carriers to “scrutinize phone and social media messages” for “misinformation” – something that would have been unthinkable even a few years ago. For too long, Big Tech and Big Government have been working together to intimidate their critics, undermine digital free speech, fuel cancel culture and create an environment where Americans are increasingly afraid to speak their mind....
* California-style climate control 
Imagine a future where decisions about when you can turn on your air conditioner, crank up the heat in winter, do your laundry or charge up your electric car are made by bureaucrats, not you. Crazy? Maybe not. We could be getting a sneak peek at that kind of tomorrow in California , where skyrocketing power rates and a lack of adequate generating capacity are prompting calls for people to “voluntarily conserve electricity when there is an anticipated shortage of energy supply.” But how long before it’s not voluntary?....
* Countering Chinese mischief in the Caribbean While all Americans have been inspired this week by images of the Cuban people coming together to demand an end to more than six decades of dictatorship, a darker situation is unfolding nearby in Haiti, where that country’s president was killed by assassins in a brazen, well-organized operation...the chaos that is enveloping the country in the wake of the assassination has created an opportunity for China to make mischief on America’s doorstep. 
* Door-to-door vaccine checks Many of you may have heard President Biden’s suggestion that the next step in vaccine distribution may include going door-to-door at people’s homes to encourage shots. I am deeply concerned about the impacts this invasive approach may have on people’s privacy. I am also concerned that these visits will create an environment where people are coerced into revealing their medical information for entry into a government database....
* House Natural Resources Committee
This week we considered several bills, including one dubbed the "Blue New Deal." This bill would ban new offshore oil and gas leasing in certain areas and spin our reams of burdensome red tape and regulation across the country. I offered an amendment to address one of the big issues I have with this bill: The creation of a “map” that would pave the way for more federal regulatory interference in matters best left to local control. For example, just one watershed included in this map, the Mississippi watershed, accounts for about 40% of the continental United States. This federal initiative could be used as a pretense to justify the targeting of dams, levees, dikes, or other structures for removal because they are labeled as “threats to the health of a blue carbon ecosystem.” My amendment sought to eliminate this map and with it the potential for expanded federal control. Unfortunately, my amendment was rejected by committee Democrats. 


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Anonymous said...

This idiot is the worst of the fools we have to sent to Washington.Looking at the points that were mentioned: 1) Where wasthis fool when Trump had kids in cages? 2) Why did the fool not say anything about the Trump DOJ stealing reporters' records? 3) Why did the fool not criticize Texas when their energy system fell apart? 4) Isn't it strange how ever since the nonsense about Hunter Biden's lap top strangely turning up, now these fools are constantly crying China this and China that? 5) How stupid is this dumbass? Does he really think the evil government is going to take all of our health records? 6) Is this guy really that stupid that he thinks structures, like a dam, only affect people right by the dam? Wasn't he a dam tender?
In reality, he is dumber than Boebert and Gohmert, yet my district elected him. What is it with stupid people in congress, are they just easy to manipulate? What is the attraction to voters? I believe our voters are easily swayed by the disinformation ads and they, for some reason, think stupid is what we need in Congress????

Anonymous said...

TT is yet another tragic victim of CR Syndrome.