Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Senate Super-scientist also becomes new Wisconsin Pothole King

Because the planet is broiling, I was waiting for Senate Super-scientist Ron Johnson to link up sunspots, COVID19 troubles and that January 6th love-fest at the Capitol which some of Johnson's co-workers are carefully studying, but today the multi-tasking Johnson 

pivoted to another of his strong suits: hypocrisy.

NBC's Sahil Kapur Tweets that Ron Johnson is a 'hard no' on the bipartisan federal infrastructure bill because it adds too much spending.

I guess Johnson wants to be Wisconsin's Worst Senator and New Pothole King, though the last Badger State failed campaigning road warrior got to see that notoriety on billboards which no doubt helped his defeat.

So basically, if you break an axle in a Scotthole, or wonder if today's the day that that rusty bridge you commute across decides to drop into the river, Johnson says, that's your problem, not his.

Kinda like how he sees food, shelter and medical care, or your personal safety around his GOP friends - all reported, here.

Also: this is the same Ron Johnson whose Oshkosh-based family-owned business got a taxpayer-subsidized rail line and other publicly-provided benefits before he was elected to the Senate, as I noted in 2010

Ron Johnson Outed As Corporate Welfare Beneficiary

More, here about Johnson's business history, with some company-approved edits. 

Final note:

Similar self-dealing hypocrisy surfaced when Johnson blocked Trump's tax 'reform' plan because the generous benefits it extended to upper-income earners and businesses needed one last dollop of breaks for firms structured like Johnson's.

The bill was amended and Johnson provided a key vote to get it passed. 

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