Friday, July 23, 2021

Grothman, Fitzgerald, Tiffany and Steil vote against 'bipartisan' PFAS action

 [Reposted with a corrected headline to include Fitzgerald.]

To the contamination of Wisconsin waters with 'forever' PFAS chemicals enabled by Republican state lawmakers you can add pro-PFAS votes cast against a multi-pronged Federal measure by US GOP Reps. Tom Tiffany, Scott Fitzgerald, Glenn Grothman and Bryan Steil. 


Grothman joined fellow Republicans Fitzgerald, Tiffany, and Steil in opposition to Federal actions against 'forever' PFAS chemicals which are contaminating Wisconsin and other waterways.

I cannot explain why WisPolitics put this headline on its reporting but left out the names of four of five Wisconsin GOP Representatives whose "nay" votes undermine the 'bipartisan' thrust of the headline: 

DC Wrap: PFAS legislation clears House with bipartisan support

— U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher was the only GOP member of Wisconsin’s delegation to join all Dems in passing a measure to limit the use of PFAS pollutants. 

The Allouez Republican joined all 218 House Dems in a 241-183 vote that sent the PFAS Action Act to the Senate for consideration. While only one of Wisconsin’s Republicans supported the measure, 22 Republicans from other states joined him. 

The measure would set regulations on the use of PFAS chemicals and direct the EPA to list PFAS chemicals as hazardous substances. The EPA would also have to determine if these forever chemicals qualify as toxic pollutants under the Clean Water Act and set a national standard for the amount of PFAS chemicals allowed in drinking water. 

The report included a link to the roll call vote, but why send readers to a link with more than 400 names to scroll through when the names of the 'nay' votes in the small Wisconsin delegation could have easily been included in the text.

Not every reader can rattle off the names of the members of Wisconsin's GOP congressional delegation other than Mike Gallagher.


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