Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Without evidence, Vos repeats routine Republican resentment-building smear

Thanks to WKOW-27's Madison Capitol Bureau chief A. J. Bayatpour for capturing in a single Tweet Wednesday the breath-taking hypocrisy of WI GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos who - 

* Accepted full taxpayer-provided salary and benefits during a nine-month vacation in 2020;

* And established the levels of free meal and mileage reimbursements he and his colleagues may accept without submitting receipts;

* While also repeating another mean-spirited version of the resentment-intensifying smears - without a shred of evidence made intentionally by calculating cold-hearted Republicans from Ronald Reagan to Paul Ryan to Scott Walker - that people of lesser means are lazy thieves stealing public money: 

Speaking this morning to a group of business owners on a forum, says unemployment/stimulus checks are encouraging people to stay out of the workforce. "If you give them free money, they don't have the same incentive to work."


Anonymous said...

If you give you give them (republican politicians) free money, they (republican politicians) don't have any incentive to work. Got it.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Vos gives the game away to his WMC puppetmasters.

They want Wisconsinites to be desperate and without supports, and then have to accept any dead-end job at lousy wages. What's amazing is that turning down the waiting week makes it more likely that EMPLOYERS pay higher taxes because that's who ends up paying into the unemployment fund because we don't take the full federal money.

So it's costly, regressive, AND stupid thinking. Well done, Robbin'!

Anonymous said...

Free money is giving people incentive not to work. Does this include elected officials too?

Anonymous said...

Resentment building is, sadly, the modus operandi of the Republican Party.

Started with Richard Nixon and the blathering continues on. And on. And on.

Anonymous said...

Plus Vos got $298,000 PPE money, than wrote legislation so he wouldn't have to pay State taxes on it!