Friday, March 12, 2021

Johnson's open racism wins 'Worst WI Senator' trophy

It's hard to keep up with Ron Johnson's worsening words - but I'm awarding him, and retiring, the 'Worst Wisconsin Senator' trophy for this unforced racist rant on a rightwing radio program.

Blatant racism from here. He says he wasn’t worried on 1/6 because the majority-white insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol “love this country,” but says if they were Black Lives Matter protestors he would’ve been concerned for his safety. #WISen

He needs to be run out of the Senate, now, as he's been covering for weeks - despite evidence that the entire world saw live on television -  

for white rioters and the damage and deaths they caused on January 6th. 

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Anonymous said...

Lucky Racist Ron has the support of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to bury this story quickly. Less than 12 hours after prominently displaying this story on their website, the RepubliKLAN Journal Sentinel has nearly hidden the story and has deleted the reader comment section.

Apparently there were too many negative comments about Johnson's overt racism that Journal Sentinel bigwigs.

Remember that Johnson has been endorsed and supported by the media giants that control Wisconsin. They have been covering for this inept racist for years. Burying this story and deleting the negative comments is just another example of the RepubliKLAN news media in Wisconsin.