Sunday, March 7, 2021

Tiffany only WI US Rep. on disturbing, disqualifying list

While it's important to focus on the lies which Sen. Ron Johnson has been spewing about the integrity of the 2020 election, and the fatal riot his cult leader fomented in an unsuccessful effort to overturn it, let's note Wisconsin has another standout GOP Congressional member up on the damaged US Capitol's Wall of Shame:

It's US Rep. Tom Tiffany - no surprise, really - 

Image of Tom Tiffany

- given his definition of public service - who is earning this kind of disturbing attention, reports Wisconsin Examiner:

Social media posts from Wisconsin Republican Rep. Tom Tiffany are included in a report of more than 120 congressional Republicans who joined former President Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election.  

The report, released by Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren, lists the public statements between Election Day and Jan. 31 of every Republican who voted to overturn the election results. The report doesn’t say what Lofgren believes should happen to these members, though does bring up the process for expulsion from Congress for potential violations of the 14th Amendment. 

You can find what Tiffany was spreading across social media before and after the election - and the failures of scores of lawsuits which challenged the results - here, and then at the Wisconsin link, here.

Remember, we pay Members of Congress $174,000 a year, and provide them additional millions annually for staff, travel and other benefits to uphold the law and the Constitution, not undermine them.

That's a pretty minimal but fundamental obligation wrapped into an oath all Members of Congress agree to meet.

It bodes badly for the level of representation Wisconsin will receive, as well as the respect for our state in the halls of Congress, if Tiffany can't be counted on to do the basics of the job.


Pete said...

What a dirtbag this traitor is. These people like him have serious Mental Issues!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is a dirtbag. This guy will do or say anything if he thinks it will give him votes. He refuses to answer his constituents. His campaign points were to cut the deficit and support Trump. These were two opposites. If you mix the characteristics of no morals, Trump worshipper, liar, con artist, arrogant, and utter stupidity, you get this moron. How such a dirtbag gets in office is another question. Lets calculate the average IQ of our Wis US Reps on the GOP side. Lets see 75 + 50 + basement spider + potato + rock, divide that by 5. What is really sad is their moral IQ is lower.