Thursday, March 11, 2021

Ron Johnson just canceled himself from regular society

Wisconsin to Ron ["Medical expert without license or conscience"] Johnson:

In light of your refusal to be vaccinated against COVID19 - 

Senator Ron Johnson has said he does not intend to follow official guidance and get vaccinated against COVID-19 because he has been infected.

Just stay away. Good-bye, good riddance and enjoy your banishment to Mar-a-Wherever.

We need to be immunized against your feckless, reckless self-centeredness, so stay away.

Mail back your Senate ID, close out accounts with the payroll office and consider yourself persona non grata in Wisconsin.

The other 49 states and nations globally may want to protect their citizens and put him on their no-fly/not-welcome/do-not-admit/cross-the-street-if-you-see-him approaching-on-the-sidewalk registries.

Supporting material here 

about the need to put more than 6 ft. between yourself, your peace of mind and this sorry excuse for a taxpayer-supported member of the United States Senate.

Because a person who prescribes his own contrarian medical regimen during a pandemic has more than a fool for a patient.

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Anonymous said...

The bottom line with RoJo, he is a liar. I would bet that he never tested positive. He said he did which means he didn't. I would also not be surprised if he was vaccinated already, he said he isn't going to which means he did. All he is doing is playing to the Trump worshippers. He is a moron and a liar, so who really knows???