Wednesday, March 31, 2021

WI people need Biden's jobs/infrastructure/climate plan, but...

Biden's proposed once-in-a-lifetime lifeline for road repairs, green energy -  

Wisconsin wind farm, east of Waupun
GOP policies have slowed green energy in Wisconsin. This wind  farm east of Waupun, Wisconsin was developed by an out-of-state firm.

- clean water infrastructure, modern transit and climate change mitigation - and all the good jobs to fuel local economies that need the opportunities and the spinoff revenues - could be de-railed into popcorn manufacturing upgrades, wacky 'medicine' production and polluting, wider traffic lanes past residential areas if loose-cannon losers like Ron Johnson and Robin Vos with toxic track records get their hands on the agendas or the money.

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MAL said...

I am withholding all political and electoral support for Wisconsin Democrats at all levels of government.

This action starts with opposing Gov Tony Evers (D), Attorney General Joshua Kaul (D), U.S. Rep Mark Pocan (D), and all Democrats down to any state, county and municipal candidates who are silent on the wrongful convictions of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, and so many others languishing behind bars, ruining and preventing their lives.

Evers can free these innocent men with a stroke of a pen. Kaul can seek to vacate wrongful convictions with a court filing (that I could write in my sleep, and I'm not an atty).