Friday, March 12, 2021

Contrary to MJS, there is no 'war over voting.' It's a 1-sided attack.

This story is behind the paywall, but the headline conveys some irritating blame-free whitewash:

Revisiting Wisconsin's record-breaking 2020 turnout, as the post-election war over voting heats up here and around the country

There is no war over voting in Wisconsin and across the country. 

There is a one-sided attack on voting rights in 43 states because Republicans lost recent elections and are scheming to again use state state power to tamp down [Democratic] turnout and tilt outcomes to GOP candidates. 

The story has a lot of great data and analysis compiled by Craig Gilbert. A headline like "Flawed GOP voting bills based on fears, not facts" would have better served the piece and the public interest.

I know: dream on.

Former GOP moderate Alberta Darling 

Alberta Darling at Ann Romney rally.JPG

and self-appointed voting exclusionist Duey Stroebel are leading this new Wisconsin voting suppression movement that is based on no known evidentiary need.


Man MKE said...

Stroebel, Darling and other GOP fabulists are pulling their usual "some people say" and "are concerned" to justify their own sordid maneuvering

Anonymous said...

It's actually a Rethuglican war on Democratic voting.

They are effing christianist Qnutters all of 'em!