Thursday, March 11, 2021

The letter WI GOP Cong. members should mass mail. But won't.

The entire WI GOP congressional delegation - Ron Johnson -

and five House members - opposed providing COVID19-related financial assistance checks and other benefits to eligible citizens. 

Once President Biden signs the latest aid measure Friday, and checks of up to $1,400 per person begin rolling out, I would expect Wisconsin's GOP congressional delegation to quickly release the following principled statement and send it through their official, postage-free mailing service to every citizen in Wisconsin whom they represent:

Dear Fellow Wisconsinite:

As you probably have heard, I voted against the Pelosi-Biden-Schumer Democrat bill that regrettably will soon be providing you with a check from the Department of the Treasury of up to $1,400. 
But wait, it gets worse, because if you have children, additional checks and related benefits, such as tax credits, will be arriving, too.

I know you are as disappointed as we are that our efforts were unsuccessful.  

We tried in every way possible to prevent these funds from reaching you.  
We would have had the votes to block these checks, but the Democrat party stole the 2020 Presidential election...and two Senate seats in Georgia...while a bunch of stupid activist judges looked the other way, so there you go.
But you can fight back against this rising Socialist tide: 
Reject any new benefit offered to you by the federal government, and, most importantly, return unsigned any of these checks to the Department of the Treasury.

We'd for sure be doing the same thing, but we're not likely to get one of those checks because we already get a check for all our hard work for you of about $15,000 a month from the federal government, along with a long list of benefits that were set up by previous Congresses, so there you go.

Anyway: Here's where to mail back your check: 

Department of the Treasury 
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 

Washington, D.C. 20220   

So stay strong, and in the name of Freedom, we are, most sincerely:

US Senator Ron Johnson

Members of the House of Representatives:

Glenn Grothman 

     Mike Gallagher 

     Bryan Steil

     Tom Tiffany

Scott Fitzgerald

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