Thursday, March 25, 2021

GA affirms GOP as 'You can't vote' party. Evers will veto similar suppression here.

Republicans are not wooing new voters with fresh ideas and agendas to regain the Congress and Presidency they lost in 2020.

Instead, the GOP has begun in Georgia what it hopes to do in state legislatures nationally, including Wisconsin's: keep or expand their power and incumbencies - 

Image of Duey Stroebel
State Sen. Duey Strobel, (R-Cedarburg), is leading the charge to add more restrictions to voting in Wisconsin. 

by adding layer after layer of new obstacles to election day procedures and absentee voting.

This legislative cycle, Republicans around the country have proposed hundreds of bills that would restrict access to voting, taking aim at issues like absentee voting, voter registration and disability access. Wisconsin Republicans are part of that trend, releasing their plans as well.

Last Wednesday, Wisconsin Republicans started circulating a package of 10 bills that would, among other requested changes: stiffen the criteria to vote as indefinitely confined. Under current law, people who self-elect that they cannot get to the polls because of age, illness, infirmity or disability do not have to provide a photo ID to vote absentee.

This is the identity of the GOP now: a single-issue party at war with Americans' voting, furthering their failing party's dedication to a defeated, fascistic President who dispatched a mob to attack the US Capitol while states; fairly-awarded electoral votes were being counted.

In other words, more of that 'your vote doesn't count' philosophy, energized by lies before morphing into fatal violence on January 6th.

The GOP's abandonment of the legacy of Abraham Lincoln mirrors its throwing overboard in the 2017 tax-cuts-for-the-wealth measure its core-but-revealed-as-fake 'conservative' concern over deficits and debt.

Or at the state level in Wisconsin, the Republican Party which embraced of picking and funding winners and losers (see: Foxconn), or its repeated love since 2011 of centralized state power directed from Madison to cush heir quaint, faux-'principle' of local control.

Memo: GOP lawmakers passed 128 measures limiting local control since 2011

No doubt Republicans long for a more one-sided and toxic version of the 'good old days' when voting and other realities of American democracy and citizenship were limited to white male property owners, or later were restricted to whites-only by state-sponsored Jim Crow-era poll taxes and literacy tests.

With only one national party now committed to democracy, expect Republicans to more regularly and intentionally mispronounce "Democratic Party" as "Democrat Party," lest Republicans inadvertently remind people that one major American party continues to practice and protect democratic values - and it's not the GOP.

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