Friday, September 18, 2020

Five images frame WI's need for a massive Nov. blue wave

I've distilled into a few images and links the need for a corrective landslide in Wisconsin come November to help dispatch Trump from the White House and blunt the impact of Wisconsin's GOP-engineered gerrymandered nightmare that has distorted and hamstrung the people's needs since 2011. 

The labels are interchangeable, and feel free to supplement them.


Getting ready to throw away based on one-page sketeched-out sketchy deal more than $4 billion public dollars plus under farmland, bury wetlands, boost Walker's re-election and flatter Trump's ego.



GOP Assembly Speaker at an April polling place after declaring it was "incredibly safe" to go out in the pandemic.


Screenshot of Sen. Majority Leader Fitzgerald walking out of a special session on gun safety after a few seconds of 'consideration.' He later did the same thing at a special session on police and judicial reforms. He's also headed for Congress. Imagine.


Clear and present danger
This week's west coast fire smog polluting the skies as seen from Lake Park on Milwaukee'e east side.



Anonymous said...

My real question is, how do we get the state media to stop the lies coming straight from the Republican Party, through them? An example was in the Capital Times, where they allowed Scooter to right an editorial filled with BS, like how the Feds saved Kenosha. When he intentionally and flagrantly lies, they need to call him on it before publishing it, then throw it out.

BillSell said...

Agreed. Perhaps these love notes to the media must come from a thousand voters, instead of hoping the media will take care of it