Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Ignore Romney. Vote vs. Trump, more GOP seats. Wear a mask.

Look: Romney is an upper-class Republican a tick less reprehensible than his cult-following and hypocritical GOP colleagues.

And while Romney's done an occasional but ineffective good thing, remember - he's no friend of Democrats and is certainly no progressive, so don't waste an ounce of your energy over his predictable cave-in on the Supreme Court.

Instead, honor Justice Ginsberg's life of service during the next six weeks by:

* Getting an absentee ballot, filling it in carefully to avoid its unintended invalidation and returning it to a designated drop-off spot.

* Giving time and money to voter registration campaigns in Wisconsin;

* Donating money in Wisconsin to Democratic candidates to prevent Republicans from attaining bigger, veto-proof Legislative majorities - or they will ram through another GOP gerrymander after the 2020 census and the little dictators' power grabbing, tax breaks for their donor class, environmental depredation and strangulation of public services

will extend in Wisconsin for another decade.

* Sending money to Democratic Senate candidates in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona - and others if I'm forgetting them. Peruse ActBlue for options like this one.

* Wearing a mask and supporting Gov. Evers' latest effort to beat back the pandemic that is running wild in Wisconsin with nearly 2,000 news cases daily in the last week thanks to official GOP legislative and State Supreme Court complicity

Trump has politicized mask-wearing, and rewards his virus-enabling worshippers with rallies, irresponsibilities and feel-good-even-though-it-might-kill them snark, so it's important to make an opposing statement while doing the right thing for public health.

Just because these contemptibly spineless and reckless GOP 'leaders' want you to feel put down and powerless doesn't mean you let them whether your challenge is defeating the virus or leaving fascism in the history books.


Anonymous said...

Great advice, Mr. Rowen.

There are plenty of good and virtuous things to do between now and the November election.

Anonymous said...

Have been watching the hysterical Republican press releases about gubernatorial tyranny pile up at The Wheeler Report since the new public health declaration and extension of masking order to November 21 was announced this morning. Anybody want to bet whether the elephants will do more than trump-et and actually call the legislature into a science denial session?

Katrina said...

Use a ballpoint pen on your ballot! A gel pen won't work. Water based ink doesn't work. It has to be a blue or black ball point pen.