Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Sen. Sunspots, while serving Trump, could learn him some science, too

A few thoughts about Trump and his favorite Senate water-carrier (Sorry, Lindsey Graham, but a better brown-noser has slithered right by you.)

Wisconsin's GOP US Senator and leading Trump bellhop Ron Johnson 

broke away from his #1 priority - remaking the Senate Homeland Security Committee he chairs into a pro-Trump/anti-Biden/Putin-serving cudgel - by publicly proposing multiple Nobel Peace Prizes for the incumbent President.

I can't imagine Nobel Peace Prize committee giving Trump anything but the back of its hand for a) abandoning and exposing US-allied Kurdish fighters, their families and civilian supporters to death at the hands of the Turkish military, and bhelping Saudi Arabia cover up the dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi: 

‘Saved his ass’: Trump reportedly boasted he shielded MBS after Khashoggi murder

And no doubt Trump's fresh mocking of climate science as entire towns and dozens of people out West are still burning to ashes - 

Trump sought to pin the blame for the fires on another culprit — forest management — while shrugging off warnings that human-caused climate warming will continue to make Western states a tinderbox with annual fires that destroy communities. 
“It will start getting cooler. You just watch,” he said during a briefing with state and local leaders in McClellan Park, Calif. 

- while simultaneously allowing the coronavirus to kill nearly 200,000 unsuspecting Americans makes it pretty unlikely Trump will walk away with the humanitarian Nobel Prize for Peace, let alone for Chemistry or Medicine. 

It should be acknowledged that Johnson was years ahead of Trump as a science dismisser when, as a newly-minted GOP/Tea Party candidate for Senate in Wisconsin Johnson said climate change was the result of sunspots, and all the dumb science nerds were wrong to say fossil fuel consumption had anything to do with it.

Sunspots are behind climate change, Johnson says  
Johnson, in an interview last month, described believers in manmade causes of climate change as "crazy" and the theory as "lunacy."

Seriously, did you expect a man who had been very profitably making plastic products derived from oil to say anything different? 

I am surprised that Trump - again sticking to the science of leaf-raking - and magical solutions reminiscent of the disappearance of COVID-19 that didn't/won't happen, because, you know, science! - 

NBC News

“It’ll start getting cooler. You just watch,” President Trump says, after California’s secretary for natural resources urged him and others not to “ignore science" on climate change.

- hasn't followed Johnson's sunny, spotty lead, though there'll be plenty of time for Trump to more fully embrace Johnson's thinking [sic] and reward him for his obeisance if Trump gets that second or third or fourth term:

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer-turned prolific critic, has argued that... Trump believes he should be the “ruler” or “dictator” of the U.S. and wants to “change the Constitution. 

Cohen predicted that, were Trump to win reelection, “he is going to automatically day number one start thinking how he can change the Constitution for a third term, and then a fourth term.”

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