Monday, September 28, 2020

WI COVID cases keep spiking, GOP responds with its herd impunity

There have been two brutal constants since the COVID-19 pandemic came to Wisconsin several months ago: 

1. Cases continue to explode with all the numbers and trends repeatedly headed in the wrong direction. 

2. Though holding big majorities in the Legislature, Republicans continue to substitute dereliction of duty for any participation in comprehensive pandemic planning or policy implementation.

So there's no other way to say it: having last met in session (and again to do nothing COVID-related) 166 days ago - day #100 was July 26Wisconsin's vacuous, vacationing, paycheck-collecting and disease-enabling GOP legislators and their litigious ideological litigants now should be made to own and absorb accountability at the polls for the state's nationally-acknowledged and Badger Land-contaminationg COVID-19 caseload.

A responsibility which should be shared by the GOP-allied Supreme Court majority which was quick to do the Republicans' partisan, pandemic-enabling bidding early on while endangering even the state's 'regular folks.'

So while Wisconsin's ugly COVID-19 situation is receiving national notice here - 

Wisconsin Is on the Brink of a Major Outbreak

At least 2,249 new cases were reported in Wisconsin on Sept. 27. Over the past week, there have been an average of 2,165 cases per day, an increase of 82 percent from the average two weeks earlier.

- despite state media saying similar things for months, such as this July piece:

Wisconsin hits record in virus cases as spike continues 

- none of that will save lives and businesses succumbing in Wisconsin to the virus's spread.

Only November 3rd voters can do that - by electing as many Democrats as possible up and down the ballot because WI GOP 'leaders' who are have since spring inflicted their COVID-19 impunity statewide just last week continue to undermine basic, proven pandemic prevention with cheap partisan game-playing:

Speaker Vos calls mask order 'illegal

In a statement on Tuesday, Vos (R-Rochester) called Evers a "lawless governor" and said the latest order is "obviously illegal...." 

Save lives. Vote them out - especially true in Wisconsin where just a few more seats and the GOP gets veto-proof majorities and control over budgets, redistricting and CI=OVID-19 policy.

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