Wednesday, September 23, 2020

WI GOP Cohort of the COVID Complicit is at it again

We have reached an unbearably absurd point in the COVID-19 damaged Wisconsin political environment - 

 which continues to draw the wrong kind of national attention:

Wisconsin is experiencing "unprecedented, near-exponential growth" of the virus...with the daily number of new cases rising from 678 at the end of August to 1,791 on Monday. 

And look at the case growth in smaller, rural Wisconsin counties - Kewaunee, Forest, Pierce, Grant and others - which are far from big population centers. 

Yet after months of personal, family, and community suffering enabled by the right-wing Supreme Court majority and their Republican legislative allies' intentional abandonment of accountability: 

* COVID-19 hospitalizations have hit a record level:

Wisconsin breaks record for coronavirus hospitalizations

* And the same GOP legislators who walked away from any COVID-19 policy-making actions are again opposing a Gov. Evers' order requiring some public mask-wearing mandates while urging the Legislature they adjourned months ago (while still collecting paychecks) to finally reconvene - but only to block the Evers' disease-preventing masking order after earlier faked a pledge of cooperation and never offering a pandemic-prevention plan:

.’ third executive order is unlawful, unilateral and fails to account for differences across our state. The Legislature should meet immediately to rescind this order. Read my full statement here:

This takes the Grover Norquist wish for a government small enough to drown in a bathtub to a lower level by throwing more citizens, their bank accounts, hospital resources and respect for at-risk frontline medical personnel who deserve far better into the toxic tub.

And thanks to the WI GOP's 'do-all-harm' COVID-19 obstruction, what is lamentable true today was also true May thanks to the same conservative cohort of the complicit:


Blase, science-averse WI's pols overlook Covid-19 facts

Bad news Wednesday: Record number of Covid-19 cases in Wisconsin reported:
The percentage of positive tests jumped back to 8%, the second straight day of increase after it fell to 2.9% on Sunday. A 14-day downward trend of positive test rate is a key metric in the Badger Bounce Back guidelines that many businesses are following as they make plans to reopen.
4:45 p.m. update - And I now see this alarming news at Urban Milwaukee:
State Sees Biggest Hike In New COVID-19 Hospital Admissions In 30 Days

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Katrina said...

The WI GOP is a bunch of pussies. They are so afraid of their donors they would rather endanger a whole state of people including themselves than act.