Thursday, September 10, 2020

Trump's COVID-19 dismissal embraced by US worker safety agency

Because Trump deliberately 'downplayed,' er, lied to the American people about the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes perfect sense that the pro-corporate OSHA he created would come up with what amounts to a $10-per-COVID-19-infected worker 'penalty' for a Sioux Falls, SD meat plant 

where 1,300 employees were sickened and 4 died this spring during an 11-week period:

Smithfield Fined $13,494 by OSHA After Worker Infections, deaths

Nearly 1,300 Smithfield employees tested positive for coronavirus, 43 workers were hospitalized, and four workers died between March 22 and June 16, according to inspection documents.

Does anyone expect anything other than a wrist-slap for the big outbreaks in Green Bay-area meat packing plants already dismissed as no big deal for 'regular folks' there by the right-wing Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court?

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