Sunday, September 27, 2020

COVID rages in rural red counties as WI GOP trashes state mask orders

How far down Crazy Lane has the WI Republican party driven itself Operating While Politically Impaired?

While their party leaders are keeping the Legislature on paid, campaign season holiday, and continue opposing statewide masking orders which offer proven COVID-19 control, fresh data In The New York Times show the rural pandemic surging across red, rural Wisconsin counties

Look at these counties ranked 1-10 for case growth during the last seven days; all except for #9 Menominee went for Trump in 2016:

Kewaunee, Florence, Forest, Shawano, Oconto, Winnebago, Brown, Calumet, Menominee and Marquette.

Republicans politicians in Wisconsin are so blinded by their loyalty to Trump and his contempt for common science science that they are helping sicken and kill their neighbors and constituents while the virus keeps setting records

Despite the position of this leading Covidiot and Congressman-to-be, save your life - and your neighbor's - and wear a mask!

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