Thursday, September 3, 2020

Walker's Trumpian idolatry gets new yardstick

There used to be no two Republican governors more in sync than the Tea Party-embracing Scott Walker -  
2018 photo
- and Rick Snyder, the Midwestern autocratic equal across Lake Michigan who copied Walker's destruction of local governments' powers and public employees' rights.
Rick Snyder: The Scott Walker of 2014
Well, some people move on and we note today that the love affair between these two-term ex-GOP governors (Snyder was term-limited out of his governorship while Walker was bounced) is kaput: 


Snyder finds Trump's bullying and divisiveness so offensive that he is among scores of Republicans endorsing Democrat Joe Biden for President, while Walker has ramped up his shameless Trumpian idolatry (job search?) by tweeting or retweeting fawning, look-at-me-please praise for Trump or condemnation of Joe Biden 24 times in the last four days. 

From Walker's twitter feed, here's a sample:
There is no doubt that @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
helped stop the chaos in Kenosha. I am happy that he is coming on Tuesday. He can help rebuild this great city and make it even better for everyone!
To be clear: Snyder still deserves the strongest condemnation for his role in the poisoning of Flint, Michigan's drinking water and his criticism of Trump for disregarding science and facts is brutally paradoxical. 

Nonetheless, it's telling that Snyder can see the big picture dangers which Trump presents to the nation while Walker's addiction to Trump's phony record and equally-fake alpha personality remains repulsively self-interested.


Anonymous said...

Walker is for Walker therefore Walker will support Trump. That is his best chance for a job. Joe Biden isn't going to give him one. Neither is Trump of course but maybe someone in the Trump administration will throw Walker a few crumbs.

Mortified West Allis Resident said...

Scott Walker is INTIMIDATED that Agent Orange is going to ridicule his kitchen cabinet induced bald spot

Anonymous said...

One wise politician.

One dum dum.

Anonymous said...

Lonely has-been seeing lost relevance and desperate for return to the spotlight will do anything to attract attention.

Anonymous said...

The writer forgot Brownback who turned the screws so tight the Kansas GOP kicked him out. Snyder was a typical business guy who thought he could make Gov run like a business, Rick-o tried to put square pegs in round holes without permission.
The more I read Walker's religious goop and his tropes I realize he is more like Steven Miller. Wanker is more like someone who declares himself the messenger of God and then beats his children until they are bloody to satisfy his own broken ego.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Janes called Walker the Hollow Man a few years ago, and it is accurate. There is no core value beside grifting and power-grabbing. He will say ANYTHING, no matter how false, if he feels it'll gain another vote.

And his hatred of everyday people shows through, given the type of easily disproven BS he spews every day. Then he uses his "religion" as a shield to hide behind as cover for his amorality.

The soullessness and neediness of Walker, where he always needs attention, is also pathetic.