Tuesday, April 7, 2020

In his forever photo, Robin Vos sports anti-virus PPE in 'safe' WI polling place

[4/8/2020 Update - - Better photo, here, showing Vos in full, anti-viral and oft-reported-as-scarce PPE dress, including gloves and goggles.]
On April 4th, GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos declared "safe" the in-person voting he and his party forced on tens of thousands of Wisconsinites who were unable to obtain an absentee ballot or get it postmarked to adhere to a schedule shortened by litigation WI GOP leaders successfully obtained at the 11th hour from the GOP-obeisant John Roberts US Supreme Court.

Vos even promised to work at one of those 'safe' polling places.

And this is what he looked like there:

May this be his forever photo, from today moving forward, because it perfectly captures the souless, selfless hypocrisies which he and his fellow Walkerites manipulated and foisted for their personal enrichment on the taxpayers of the state.


Minnesconsin Tom said...

Forever photo, yes. Unfortunately you can’t see the fact that he was wearing latex gloves and standing 10 feet from the reporter. It’s also worth noting that he was dressed like this while working in a “drive-through” polling station, where voters supposedly don’t even need to leave their cars. I hope at least some of those voters gave him a piece of their mind (if they could recognize him).

Anonymous said...

The Wisconsin Supreme Court members who voted to not move this election had already voted absentee. Which might be considered surprising, if they agree with President Trump, about absentee voting/mail in voting, creating voter fraud. At least Voss and Marklein worked the polls so they can see how voting works, I don't think the Republican caucus has a clue.

Anonymous said...

Republicans across Walker's Wisconsin are rejoicing this morning. Forcing people to risk their lives to vote was the ULTIMATE voter suppression tactic.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, one of my staunch Republican co-workers summed it up best, "I loved seeing the lines of all those stupid (n-word) lined up to vote in Milwaukee yesterday. Too stupid to just stay home, hope all of these (n-word) were exposed to the coronavirus and take it back home to infect their families. Less Democratic voters in November."

Sadly for Wisconsin, I think those are the feelings of the Republican leadership in Wisconsin, the Republican justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and on the US Supreme Court. These sick bastards don't care HOW many bodies pile up in those refrigerated trucks lined up outside hospitals in Milwaukee, as long as the dead people had black, brown, or yellow skin. As evidenced by Vos' picture wearing full PPE, Republicans in Wisconsin feel that the ONLY lives with any value are those of white people.

Vos, Fitzgerald, and every Republican in the Wisconsin State Assembly & Senate must be direct decendents of the sick bastards that gave smallpox infected blankets to the Indians back in the 1800's. Truly sick and twisted people. Just another day in Walker's Wisconsin.

Lynn said...

He also wore goggles

Katrina said...

For Halloween I'm going as Robin Vos in full PPE. Scary on many levels.