Saturday, September 26, 2020

New hero helps WI GOP avoid pandemic torpor

WI Republicans do love Trump, but some politicking Wisconsin Republicans in the middle of the pandemic they've helped propel to record numbers have a new distraction and hero to cheer - with enthusiasm

Kyle Rittenhouse makes first court appearance the day after his mother, lawyer got standing ovation at Waukesha County GOP event

Sure would like to know if any of Wisconsin's do-nothing-by-design GOP state legislators who have refused to convene for five months on COVID matters, gun violence, judicial and policing reforms were in the cheering crowd?

The WI GOP-run legislature only meets when it serves its members' partisan agendas, like its 2018 lame-duck session when it grabbed power from incoming Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. GOP leaders haven't convened their chambers for months and while collecting regular paychecks. 




Laurette McGovern said...

That's appalling! What kind of people have we become?

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does.