Tuesday, September 1, 2020

WI GOP shuts down Evers in statement game aimed at Bucks

In a matter of seconds Monday, Republicans did as predicted - procedurally ignoring the life-and-death measures in Gov. Evers' policing reform package - while letting the Milwaukee Bucks know they should stick to basketball - a message earlier laid out by Fox commentator and GOP moral messenger Laura Ingraham.

One long-time Wisconsin observer shrugged off the GOP's game plan, noting that Republican small forward leaders Fitzgerald and Vos got to write the rules that allowed Republicans to pack the rosters and supreme refereeing crew, managed to put more players on the court and otherwise controlled activities in the State Capitol bubble.

"All this 'whose house, our house' chest-thumping' is pretty silly and thin" the observer observed to no one in particular, "but give some credit to Fitzgerald

for playing all thirty seconds of the game with the health and welfare of his campaign big yard signs on Highway 57 on his mind. Ask yourself - could you do both?"

Some of GOP bench players were allowed to skip the game at the State Capitol bubble Monday so they could prepare for an approved field trip to Kenosha Tuesday where the team's Orange Oracle is to make an inspirational appearance.

Participant-friendly comforts there are guaranteed, as guidance from the GOP's Centers for Super-Spreading Protocols welcomes a masculine-reassuring-no-masking dress code and shoulder-to-shoulder-in-your-face socializing which should maximize the cheering which sustains the Oracle's psyche.

COVID-19 risk in Kenosha Tuesday should also be lowered through careful attendee selection that will bar certain cultural groups which Vos blamed for a virus outbreak in neighboring Racine County - and who had completely put "regular folks" at ease.


cbell23 said...

Someone needs to write an article about how these guys are getting paid by the hour....or how many hours they actually put in. I can remember when my mom was in the legislature the local media was tracking the travel the representatives were doing. We need that kind of watchdog media again.

Anonymous said...

Re: travel allowance

WI State Journal: State legislators' daily allowances totaled more than $1.25 million in 2019


"The top recipient between both state legislative chambers was Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, who received $20,125 and spent 175 days in the Capitol."