Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The old WI 'normal' had abnormalities still needing fixes. Like clean water.

Happy to see the WI DNR under Gov. Ever's agency Secretary Preston Cole focusing on climate change and promoting the environment, as they promised; the current issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine 

ticketed by the previous administration for termination makes that point in a snappy new format.

And let's not forget that when the state eventually re-opens, we need public pressure to again be brought on the GOP-controlled State Senate to finally approve modest clean water remedies what the Assembly had done months ago.

As but one of the many environmental matters, from polluted waters to bulldozed wetlands to contaminated air to chronic deer wasting disease - - here's a 21-part blog series with much of the detail - - which the Walker administration exacerbated, ignored or dismissed.

It would be asking too much for the Senate to include these measures in their special session this week, given its focus on the coronavirus, but rural groundwater has long been found to be contaminated.

Kewaunee County water contaminated. For the umpteenth time.

Months ago, Kewaunee County clean water activist Nancy Utesch said enough was enough.
It makes no sense to force Wisconsinites to shelter in their homes when what comes out of the tap has known risks.
“As a researcher of groundwater for 25 years now, I continue to be amazed by the level of fecal contamination in Wisconsin groundwater,” said Mark Borchardt, a research microbiologist for the U.S. Agricultural Research Service.

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Anonymous said...

In order to get the crap out of our water we first need to get the crap out of the capital. vos and fitz....bye bye.