Wednesday, April 8, 2020

WI GOP's' little dictators' plotting a massive new power grab

'Little dictators' was my description of Vos and Fitzgerald's 2018-2019 unprecedented grabs of power from incoming Gov. Evers and AG Kaul.

The GOP Despicable Duo is at it again apt, as they're maneuvering to remove more of Evers' budgetary powers and consolidate it in the hands of the legislature's finance committee which Republicans overwhelmingly control - - thanks to to the 2012 gerrymander still in force.

The committee is hand-picked by GOP leaders and does not represent people and programs statewide.

More partisan game-playing while the public is in pandemic peril.

Voter suppression isn't enough for this crew. 

They continue to pursue election nullification.


Serious question: Do Wisconsin's political norms have the institutional immune system strength to fend off a continuing attack by an already-dominant party which wants one-party, perpetual rule?
GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos working at the kind of polling place yesterday he'd earlier said was 'safe.' Today we find out he's been plotting yet another partisan way to weaken politically the Governor instead of working to guide the public thorough the Covid-19 epidemic and hard times. 

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Great article and great pic. Thanks! I've shared and hope others will too