Sunday, April 5, 2020

Like I said, the WI GOP is now the BadgerLand Death Cult

The Death Cult I mentioned here is out in the open in Wisconsin, operating as the former Republican Party which, ironically, was founded in the Badger State and had a one-time association with the likes of a certain Abraham Lincoln.

But things have altered - - some would say, mutated - - with the change agent being a virus which has mutated into the formerly Grand Old Party and stolen reserves of relatively normal compassion, empathy and common sense.

It was our senior GOP Senator Ron Johnson 

who allowed as how data showing huge number of his fellow humans were choking to death trapped in nursing homes or overwhelmed hospitals was just the way things go. 
Johnson acknowledged that coronavirus has a far higher fatality rate than the seasonal flu, but said, “getting coronavirus is not a death sentence except for maybe no more than 3.4 percent of our population (and) I think probably far less,” he said.
By the way, that would be more than 11 million of other Americans' grandmas, uncles, letter carriers, favorite teachers, familiar nurses, fishing buddies, soccer coaches, best friends, children.

Then we had Wisconsin GOP legislative leaders shucking off public health concerns and medical community fears - - along with a fresh round of pressure from municipal leaders statewide - - that pushing ahead with in-person voting will accelerate the contagion. 

No big deal, said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos:
Earlier this week, Vos declared the polls safe and said he planned to work at one. “If you’re bored at home and you’re sick of watching Netflix, volunteer to go and help at the polls," he quipped.
Followed up by those same leaders suggesting frivolously, frighteningly and unsuccessfully that people statewide be allowed to assemble in houses of worship while who knows whom will pass along the silent killer.

That came after the GOP-run Assembly and Senate gaveled to a close in seconds the special session Gov. Evers had called to debate postponing the April 7th ballot. Just as they had done last year with Evers' proposals to tighten the state's gun safety laws.

Mind you, this is the same legislature that saw its Assembly engage in long debate last year about whether the traditional evergreen tree in the Capitol Rotunda was to be called the Capitol Holiday Tree (Gov. Evers' choice), or the Capitol Christmas Tree - - decided, on a roll call vote, as the Capitol Christmas Tree - - as Speaker Vos and the GOP had wanted.

And, finally, we have a leading Wisconsin GOP ex-legislator-turned-consultant-turned-Robin Vos spouse who actually said this of Covid-19:
"Yes people will die of this. It just isn't worth shutting down our whole economy - except grocery stores. In my opinion."
The latest grim numbers Sunday night: 337,620 confirmed cases and 6,901 dead; 73 dead and 2,277 conformed cases in Wisconsin - mostly in Milwaukee, so, meh.

And where does anyone with a brain think those numbers are headed, as experts now are saying that between 25% and 50% of the population already may not show symptoms, this are able to unwittingly infect others who happen tp pick up the wrong bag of groceries or grab onto a door knob in between Clorox wipe downs.

But, hey, say these GOP leaders, let's get out there and stand in a voting line, or  crowd into church pews and get this funeral home-based economy moving again.

Strange stance by the pro-life party, you know. 


Anonymous said...

Michelle Litjens just casually tweets that Wisconsin be open for business at the expense of people being infected with an awful illness that can kill. That is privilege.

Anonymous said...

When Palin talked about death panels who would have thought it would turn out to be the Wis gop.

Anonymous said...

Palin talked about death panels; yep, it's the Wis gop.