Tuesday, April 28, 2020

An inveterate Robin Vos can't stop ego-tripping

WI GOP Assembly Speaker and ego-tripping Robin Vos is claiming he's the constitutional equivalent to the Governor he's spent close to 18 months undercutting:
Says as Assembly Speaker he is a "constitutional officer" of Wisconsin  
Politifact gave Vos a very generous "half-true" for this fantasy, as our real constitutional officers run statewide, while Vos, as one of 99 Assembly members, represents about one percent of the state's 5.8 million citizens, or just over 57,000 constituents in Southeastern Wisconsin.

In 2018, Vos was re-elected with 16,775 votes (Evers got over 1.3 million votes), and was selected as Speaker by his several dozen GOP colleagues, not voters statewide. 

In fact, Speaker of the Assembly is not one of the six constitutionally-created positions in Wisconsin, which include Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Treasurer, Secretary of State and Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Republicans are famous for demanding that judges follow the law as it's written and not create law when making rulings. And they said some of Evers' vetoes didn't precisely follow the law. 

Why does Vos get to create a gaudy new constitutional realm and reach with implicit broadened powers for himself? 

Because he's anticipating that the GOP-friendly, hard-right tilted State Supreme Court will continue Tuesday to chip away at Gov. Evers' powers by diminishing or removing his extended 'Safer-at-Home' emergency order which is aimed at saving lives threatened by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A one-dimensional narcissist like Vos is blind to how transparently shallow and inappropriate is his behavior, and how in his clueless case, one publicity stunt seems to fuel the next.

But none of what would be crippllngly embarrassing to regular folk will deter a power-hungry politician like Vos because he operates in a small, inward-looking and self-justifying bubble in the State Capitol and knows only headline-chasing and partisan game-playing instead of principled, big-picture leadership.

Except that this time, lives hang in the balance and some could end up on Vos's permanent record.


Anonymous said...

There is no way to get rid of Vos by the ballot box. He will be re-elected until the districts are redrawn and that will likely take 5 years and as many lawsuits (paid for by taxpayers). The only way to neuter Vos is to get rid of the conservatives on the Supreme Court. The fastest way to do that is to recall one or all of them for their ruling on requiring the election during a pandemic: Roggensach, Zeiglor, Bradeley or Hegendorn. I don't care if I misspelled your names. You deserve as much respect and consideration as you gave the voters of WI which is none.

nonquixote said...

Read that as ..An "invertebrate," Robin Vos... the first time through. Thanks for the post.