Sunday, April 19, 2020

US Covid-19 death toll about to surpass American combat deaths in Vietnam War

4/24/2020 update from 4/19/2020:

In just five days, 10,000 more deaths and heading for the overall US death toll in Vietnam of 58,220:
US Coronavirus death toll passes 50,000
In just seven weeks, in America in 2020, more than 40,000 dead and probably undercounted, The Washington Post reports.
Because testing was slow to begin in the United States, health officials agree that the number of reported cases is much lower than the actual number of people who have the disease, and even the count of deaths is probably low because of differences in reporting by overwhelmed local jurisdictions.
That the US death count from Covid-19 now exceeds 40,000 means in the next several hours the virus's death toll reported just since February 29 will surpass the number of American soldiers killed in combat - 40,934 - during the years-long War in Vietnam.

And at the current rate, the Covid-19 death toll in the country will exceed in a few brutal weeks all US deaths from all causes - 58,220 - data show.

While Trump postures, preens, points fingers and demands praise for his failures. 

And promotes himself for a second term.

No one is out in the street protesting how Trump stalled and bungled and enabled the Covid-19 debacle because that would only accelerate the suffering and the dislocations and the terrible tally.

Though some of his supporters ginned up by Trump and pro-gun organizers as the bodies stack up are out in the streets 
Brookfield, WI
- - to protest the inconveniences they are enduring scheduling haircuts

Note also that Wisconsin's deaths and positive cases are continuing to climb, according to official data after courts refused to delay the April 7th election.

The increases are also published in Sunday's Journal Sentinel online.
As of 5 p.m. Sunday, [state officials] reported 4,346 cases and 220 deaths. Around a quarter of people testing positive have been hospitalized. 
Milwaukee County continued to be the epicenter of the outbreak with 2,150 cases and 125 deaths, according to [state] figures. 
Coincidence, bad luck or just the disease's relentless expansion.

Just 23 days ago, on March 27th, the Milwaukee County death toll was 9, so the increase in about three weeks is about 14-fold.

Will there be another surge in and around Waukesha County after Saturday's public, shoulder-to-shoulder social distancing-snubbing protest?


Anonymous said...

Also saw this piece of news today about Foxconn.

Anonymous said...

We know that Trump is trying to distract us from his failure to address the virus by inciting violence. It would be good if instead letting him divide us, we allowed the protesters a safe place to voice their concerns. Maybe virtual listening sessions could be set up around the state. As a state employee, I know what it was like to have a governor (Walker) ignore me and take away my rights and my voice. While I don't agree that the state should be opened up, I do respect their right to be heard. We may learn that there is common ground.