Tuesday, April 21, 2020

WI GOP 'leaders' serve up crass Covid-19 calculus

4/22 Update: Wisconsin reports biggest one-day case increase.
Wisconsin health officials reported 225 more positive tests, the largest one-day increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases so far.
The state now has 4,845 COVID-19 patients and 246 deaths, 4 more deaths than reported Tuesday. 
The 'leaders' of Wisconsin's GOP Legislature Death Cult - - Cap Times editor emeritus had called them "ghouls" - - asked the State Supreme Court Tuesday to reject Gov. Evers' extended emergency "Safer-at-Home' order in part because..."positive COVID cases decrease or remain flat."

Yeah, it's all about sanitized algorithms and bloodless numbers for one-dimensional political junkies to whom political power gaming is their always-on-taxpayer-paid ventilator.

As these GOP 'leaders' play their latest version of 'Tarnish Tony,' let's remember that there are thousands of Wisconsin names, faces, friends and families - - along with countless more thousands of front-line medical personnel and first responders - - who are suffering and in harm's way or grieving along side every positive and tragic Covid-19 case: 

* Wisconsin's first two deaths from Covid-19 were disclosed on March 19.

* On April 14 - - see official charts and related historical and cumulative data there were 3,555 confirmed cases and 125 deaths.

* Data for today, 4/21/2020 show 4,620 confirmed cases and 242 deaths - - an increase of 10 deaths and 153 confirmed cases from yesterday. Sixteen days ago there were 155 confirmed cases.

That doesn't sound like flat or lessened case numbers; it sounds like equivalent case numbers as the death toll continues to rise.

* As predicted by a long-time Wisconsin physician, the GOP-led effort to push voters to the polls on April 7th has resulted in additional 19 positive cases.

By the way, remember that WI GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos who's pitching these numbers as rosy is the same guy who said it was perfectly safe to got out on election day, then showed up as a polling place official dressed like he was starring in the sci-fi thriller "Where's Ebola?"

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Anonymous said...

This is about making sure people can't file for unemployment. By ending the business closures, Vos and Fitzgerald will guarantee that workers can no longer claim they are involuntarily unemployed, and so cannot claim unemployment benefits. Low wage workers will have to choose between working and their health but that isn't what this is about. This is about the state not having enough money to pay out unemployment claims without raising taxes on employers. The Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance program is financed by employers quarterly.