Sunday, April 5, 2020

Meanwhile, record-high Lake Michigan water could keep pounding the shoreline

As if we're not being pummeled by enough danger and loss in 2020, there are indications that the rough last few months along Lake Michigan 

Flooding and storm damage, December 2019, north of Milwaukee's Bradford Beach. James Rowen photos.
and some of the other Great Lakes (perhaps not Lake Superior, however), is going to continue deeper into this already-awful year.

Planning, awareness are needed now. Here's a heads-up.
Several Great Lakes may reach highest water levels ever experienced in modern records
For the last three months, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron (which shares the same lake water level because they are linked) have set monthly record water levels. The monthly record water levels are expected to continue into summer. If we get significantly higher than usual precipitation, the water levels could slosh over the highest level ever recorded since good water level measurements began back in 1918...
Remember one inch of water on Lake Michigan and Lake Huron is 800 billion gallons of water. If this summer’s water level reaches that upper end, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron would have 4 trillion gallons more water than the highest water level recorded by in the fall of 1986. 

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