Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Vos's WI Assembly embraces virtual voting, but do you remember...

...that it was a mere six months ago that Vos dragged the paralyzed Democratic State Rep. Jimmy Anderson 

Image of Jimmy Anderson

through days of humiliation for having asked to be able to merely phone into meetings when unable to conveniently be driven to the Capitol?

But that was then and here's what Assembly Republicans did today - - while dropping their usual contempt for the federal dollar.

They made sure to add a contemptible partisan flourish to what should have been bipartisan pandemic cooperation to again disrespect Governor Evers, because that, above all, is the WI GOP legislature's hyper-partisan #1 priority:

Assembly meets, in person and virtually, and passes legislation to help the unemployed, capture federal medical dollars
The bill does not include any appropriations, which likely means Evers cannot use his line-item veto authority. 
Oh. and this, just for venomous anti-first responder worker spite. During a pandemic! So ambulance EMT's - - go eff yourselves:
But Republican lawmakers at the last minute scaled back the bill to provide worker compensation only for health care workers caring for coronavirus patients, police officers and firefighters who contract the virus, instead of for all first responders. 
The move also could require the first responders to prove they were exposed to someone with a confirmed case of the virus while working — enraging unions that represent these workers.


Anonymous said...

Meantime Dolt45 has operation Red Derp (I take no responsibility version) in high gear. His shitweasel son-in-law Jared along with Nepotism Barbie are the faces of the tRUMP class of HMFIC wannabeees.

Learning at the knees of Art Laffer and Bill Bennet and the rest of the Peter Principal Silver spoooners.

Dorothy K Dean said...

Good comparison. When this travesty began, I was alone in arguing that Rep. Vos violated his oath of office.
This is a civil rights matter not an employment accomodation matter. The oath of office is clear about upholding the US Constitution. The US Constitution recognizes the right of every person to be part of political discourse. Rep. Anderson tried to exercise his right. Not only is he a citizen with the right to participate but he is elected to represent a district of citizens. Rep. Vos was illegally preventing the people in that district from being heard through their elected representative.

The ADA is federal civil rights law. If Rep. Vos meant what he promised about upholding the US Constitution than he is bound by that oath to uphold federal law -- including the ADA.

Rep. Vos broke faith with the people of Wisconsin by abandoning his promise.

Anonymous said...

keep talking vos; more ammo to kick you to the curb next time your thinking of running.